Our Design Process

Lenae Design Interior Designer


Where we learn about your project

Initial consultation to determine scope of work, client needs and design goals, and establish budgets.

Schematic Design

Where we generate ideas and brainstorm solutions

Preliminary brainstorming of space plans, finishes and design details through sketches, concept boards and initial materials.

Schematic Design
Lenae Design Interior Designer

Design Development

Where we make all the big decisions

All aspects of design are nailed down, including the floorplans, cabinetry, finishes, lighting, furniture, and more.

Construction Documentation

Where we document the design in drawings and specifications

All details are called out in construction drawings, and specifications for all materials are documented to ensure all contractors and sub-contractors are clear on the design intent.

Lenae Design Interior Designer
Lenae and woman looking at plans

Project Implementation

Where concept becomes reality

Review of shop drawings, site visits, and ongoing communication with all parties involved to ensure design intent during construction.

Final Result

Where the overall process comes to life

Furniture, artwork, accessories, and other details are added to complete the project.

final result of interior design