Your Space. Your Vision. Our Design.

Lenae Design, LLC is a full service, professional interior design firm serving a wide range of clients, across commercial office, hospitality, retail, restaurant, medical-dental, multi-tenant, multi-use, centers of worship, and residential sectors.

Lenae’s passion for design led her to create an independent design firm in 2014, that focuses on creating compelling interior spaces through collaboration with the client, consultants, and contractors. Her goal is to design spaces that embody the visions of the end user, by exploring new and innovative design approaches.

“Your Space. Your Vision. Our Design.”



Design is often described as making something visually appealing. Lenae Design believes design is much more than that. Design should be about creating an experience for the user or occupant that invokes energy, creativity, and comfort. With that in mind, the Lenae Design team listens intently to the goals of their clients and their motivation for the new space. Clients need their spaces to drive productivity, culture, and efficiencies. Once understanding these drivers in a particular project, they move through the process with great care for not only the elements of design, but also for budgets and timelines, affecting the desired outcomes on all levels of the project. Lenae Design, LLC should be viewed as a neutral party, ensuring that the client receives the best solutions for their entire space. The firm is always the advocate for the client, working in collaboration with landlords, architects, contractors, and service providers.

Recent Projects

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